A youth & teen training program for ages 6-19

developed by Euphoria Health and Fitness

What is Euphoria Frenzy?

Euphoria Health & Fitness is proud to announce a brand new training program geared towards Cleveland’s youth. Euphoria Frenzy is designed to create life-changing results for young men and women who struggle with motivation, weight loss and, most importantly, the psychological issues that perpetuate a lack of self-motivation, self-preservation and self-esteem.


How does the program work?

After a full individual fitness assessment, our certified trainers will personalize a program that combines weight management, strength training, and nutritional coaching. This novel approach to youth fitness training is also effective for new and seasoned athletes.


What kind of results can I expect?

Your child will learn how to self-motivate, self-evaluate, and eventually take responsibility for their own training. The techniques they learn in our studio will carry over into the classroom, their work environment and personal relationships. We use real world examples and expect our clients to utilize their new tools in everyday life.


What makes Euphoria Frenzy unique?

With an indoor studio, Cleveland’s only obstacle course training grounds, access to local swim facilities, and a training staff with more than 30 years of experience,

Euphoria offers opportunities unlike any other studio in the city. Modeled after Euphoria’s multi-sport, Boot Camp and personal training programs, your child will receive intense yet non-intimidating training to maximize their success.


Euphoria Frenzy is designed for any youth, competing at any level, working on any fitness goal


  • Lose unwanted weight
  • On or off-season training
  • Train for a triathlon
  • Conquer BattleFrog® or ToughMudder®
  • Refocus your eating habits
  • Train for a swim or cycling competition
  • Build muscle, tone and definition
  • Develop physical and mental toughness
  • Stay in shape



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