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The All New Euphoria Boot Camp


Boot Camp at Euphoria is one-month of unlimited boot camp classes specifically designed to bring increase in fitness level, weight loss and strength improvement. When you begin, we test and evaluate your cardio threshold, strength and flexibility. We also measure your body fat percentage and composition, metabolic rates and determine you ideal caloric intake. After 30 days, we’ll measure and evaluate the progress you made in Boot Camp.


Boot Camp at Euphoria is personal; we start by identifying your goals. Although Boot Camp is a group training environment, we will tailor the workouts for your level of fitness and your specific goals.

Unlike other Boot Camps in Cleveland, Euphoria boot camps happen rain or shine in our state of the art facility or our unique and exclusive outdoor training grounds. Our workouts incorporate a variety of equipment and techniques you won’t find anywhere else.


Workouts are only half of the plan. While you’re enrolled in Euphoria’s Boot Camp, you will keep a detailed food journal which allows us to track and analyze your progress from a nutritional standpoint. You will new healthy eating habits and how to maintain a healthy diet.

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