Amsdell Companies began their corporate wellness program in November of 2015. The enthusiastic response we've received from participants has encouraged us to pen up the program to all Amsdell Tenants in the Cleveland area. Our program encourages camaraderie, increase productivity and decrease instances of illness and injury in the workplace. We are dedicated to instilling healthy lifestyle in order to make your company a more successful, engaging and fun place to work.

Corporate Wellness Program


Get Fit Challenge

a 90-day fitness challenge for your entire company. Incorporates strength training, toning, cardio, and weight training. Includes full fitness assessment and nutritional program.


Boot Camp

Group training for 2-4 people. Interval training done indoors, outdoors and on obstacle course. Includes full fitness assessment and nutritional program.


Personal Training

One-on-one training with a focus on personal goals and development. Nutrition plan included.



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